Upgrade encouraged as concern over online vulnerability grows

Petition calls for UK Government to drop IE6

An online petition has been raised that calls for the UK government to end its support for the nine-year-old Internet Explorer 6.

The petition, which at the time of writing has over 4,800 signatures, aims to initiate a nationwide move to upgrade to the latest versions of any browser – a move that it’s felt the Government must follow.

“Upgrading would be a massive task for government, but if the public is encouraged to lead the way and the government follows, that would create the momentum needed,” reads the petition’s accompanying statement, penned by Dan Frydman, the MD of Edinburgh-based web design firm Inigo Media.

However, Frydman also reveals motives that lie somewhat closer to home – at this time all Government contract companies are forced to build for IE6, due to the fact that the costs of upgrade are considered to be too high for the public sector to keep pace with the private.

“Most creative and software development companies are forced by government department clients to build websites for IE6 when most of the industry has moved on,” continues Frydman’s statement.

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