Customers are willing to pay, News Corp boss adds

Murdoch: Tablets and e-readers ‘lifeless’ without content

Tablets and other electronic devices are nothing without content to run on them, Rupert Murdoch has said.

The News Corportation boss made his comments, which come in the wake of Apple’s iPad tablet launch, during the company’s quarterly financials analyst call last night.

“Without content the ever larger and flatter screens, the tablets, e-readers and the increasingly sophisticated mobile phones would be lifeless. Without content these ingenious and wonderful devices would be unloved and unsold,” he said.

Murdoch is a staunch advocate of paid-for online content – the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal charges a fee, with other publications such as The Times set to follow. The corporation has also previously held talks to remove its content from Google.

“I am delighted though certainly not complacent that our employee’s creativity and energy have been paid the ultimate compliment by consumers. They have paid for our content,” Murdoch said.

He described content as “the emperor of all things electronic”, adding: “Devices and platforms are proliferating but this clever technology is merely an empty vessel without any great content. Machines are not powered by batteries but by creativity and ingenuity.”

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