Internet sales expected to increase further this year

Brits are biggest online shoppers

UK consumers spent £38 billion on internet shopping last year, making them the biggest online spenders in Europe.

A study by the Centre for Retail Research and price comparison site Kelkoo found that purchases by Brits made up 30 per cent of the continent’s web shopping. UK consumers also had the largest average individual online spend at £1,102 over the year.

Germany and France were the second and third biggest internet spenders respectively, while Poland had the smallest market.

Online sales grew by 12 per cent in the UK in 2009, representing 9.5 per cent of total retail sales in the country. The report predicts the UK online market will continue to grow, this year rising by 12.4 per cent to £42.7 billion.

Across the continent as a whole, online shopping accounted for 4.7 per cent of all retail sales, and this figure is expected to increase to 5.5 per cent this year – a total sales value of up to £152.8 billion.

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