Home Office says browser is good enough for the public sector

UK Government refuses to condemn IE6

The British Government has refused to issue an advisory statement encouraging the public sector to use alternative or more up to date browser software.

According to the Inquirer, Lord West of Spithead told Parliament: “Complex software will always have vulnerabilities and motivated adversaries will always work to discover and take advantage of them. We take Internet security very seriously and we have worked with Microsoft and other suppliers over many years to understand the security of the products used by HMG, including Internet Explorer.”

This statement runs counter to the advice sent out by the Governments of Germany and France, as well as Google, which has revealed plans to phase out support for the nine year old browser.

Instead of issuing a warning, the Government is planning to refer people to its advisory website getsafeonline.org. In a nice example of poor inter-departmental communication, the website advises people to use the latest version of the software, Internet Explorer 8.

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