Apple showed biggest year-on-year growth of all vendors in Q4

Smartphones ‘leading handset market out of recession’

53 million smartphones shipped globally in the fourth quarter of 2009 – up 30 per cent year on year, research has found.

According to a study by Strategy Analytics Nokia increased its global smartphone share to 39.2 per cent – 20.8 million units – while RIM (the manufacturer of BlackBerry) and Apple increased their portions to 20.2 per cent and 16.4 per cent respectively (10.7 million and 8.7 million units).

Of those firms, Apple showed the biggest growth, upping its market share from 10.8 per cent in Q4 2008.

"This was the strongest period of growth since Q3 2008 and smartphones are leading the handset industry out of recession," says senior analyst Tom Kang. "Sales are being driven by stronger consumer demand and a stream of attractive new 3G models tempting buyers into retail stores."

Smartphones from vendors other than Nokia, Apple and Rim shipped 12.8 million units in Q4 2009, taking a market share of 24.2 per cent – down from 33.6 per cent in Q4 2008.

"The smartphone market will become ultra competitive in 2010," says director Neil Mawston. "Samsung and LG have ambitious plans to grow volumes and expand their app stores, while emerging players like Dell and Huawei are strengthening their device portfolios and courting major operators."

The company’s report was compiled based on financials from handset makers.

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