Still no official sales figures as online retailer announces Q4 results

Amazon brags of ‘millions’ of Kindle sales

Amazon has famously never announced sales figures for its Kindle e-reader, and the company stuck to that policy during its Q4 financial results announcement yesterday.

However, CEO Jeff Bezos did shed some light on the performance of the device. "Millions of people now own Kindles," he said.

"And Kindle owners read a lot. When we have both editions, we sell six Kindle books for every ten physical books. This is year-to-date and includes only paid books – free Kindle books woul dmake the number even higher."

Kindle featured in the top five ‘highlights’ in the company’s earnings release, perhaps showing Amazon’s determination to kick back against reports that Apple’s new iPad is a Kindle-killer.

The US Kindle store now has more than 410,000 books available, as well as 8,000 blogs and more than 130 US and international newspapers.

The two Kindle models – the Kindle and Kindle DX – are now shipping to more than 100 countries, while the Kindle for iPhone app is available in more than 60.

During the ensuing conference call with analysts, CFO Tom Szkutak said that the app will also be available on Apple’s iPad.

Which, given that almost every existing iPhone app will work on Apple’s new tablet, isn’t a surprise. However, it will be interesting to see if Szkutak meant that Amazon will work on a separate iPad app for Kindle to take full advantage of the device’s larger screen.

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