VIDEO: Apple co-founder says new device functions primarily as a media portal

Wozniak: iPad not better than iPhone

Steve Wozniak, legendary co-founder of Apple, has stated that the iPhone serves better for actual working tasks than the new iPad.

Responding to a question at the University of Chico about how he thought it would affect the entertainment industry, Wozniak said that he saw the iPad as a rival to the Kindle.

“It’s an e-book reader,” he told reporters. “ It’s sort of like what Amazon has. I foresee something where you’ll be able to subscribe to magazines and newspapers – this is not announced, I’m totally guessing.”

He went on to say that the iPad would not function as well for everyday working tasks as the iPhone: “I don’t think it’s better than an iPhone for that sort of task.”

For Wozniak, the interesting aspect of the iPad was the way it revolutionised the distribution of media content.

“That would be a bigger change,” he noted. “It’s not a piece of hardware, it’s a whole new thing in how it implements a store – the whole selling and distributing.”

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