But some will be "big successes", analyst says

PC vendors moving into smartphones could be ‘failures’

Some PC manufacturers attempting to copy Apple by moving into the smartphone arena will prove to be “big failures”, an analyst has said.

Alastair Edwards, a senior analyst at technology research firm Canalys, told PCR that many PC vendors were attracted to the smartphone market because the margins it offers are much higher than the PC industry.

“So we’re going to see a lot of traditional PC vendors trying to get into this space, probably trying to emulate a company like Apple. But really, Apple’s position is unique and it’s going to be difficult for the relatively commoditised PC vendors to actually go into that market,” he said.

“The tech industry is going to become more skewed towards the sector, but with some big caveats. There’s going to be some successes and some big failures as well.”

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