Market remains resilient despite economic turmoil

ISP take-up unaffected by recession

The market for broadband internet remained relatively stable through out 2009, thanks in part to continued business take-up.

Although the consumer market is more or less saturated, the drive for cost effective measures spurred by the downturn saw many businesses invest in efficient infrastructure for remote offices and workers.

“ISPs have generally proven to remain resilient despite the state of the economy,” noted Entanet’s head of marketing, Darren Farnden.

“Businesses, meanwhile, continue to adopt broadband and higher speed connectivity solutions as the basis for improving the efficiency of their operations, empowering remote workers and regional offices and better managing costs.”

The editor of Andrew Ferguson agreed: “Generally, as with 2008, the recession has not affected broadband take-up. Most consumers and businesses appear to realise the savings in terms of purchases and online billing, plus for small business it makes you much more accessible to your customers.”

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