Government agency joins German authorities in advising consumers to use a different browser

France issues fresh warning against Internet Explorer

The French government has followed Germany in issuing a warning to web users against using Internet Explorer.

Certa, a government agency in France responsible for overseeing cyber threats, advised people to find an alternative to Microsofts browser, suggesting that all versions of the software posed a threat to security.

However, Microsoft told BBC News that Internet Explorer 8 was the "most secure browser on the market". Cliff Evans, the firm’s head of security and privacy, said that they had only seen attacks on users of version 6 of the software, who had visited a compromised website. He described the risk as “minimal”.

Some Internet Explorer users have reported their machines being infected with malware which should have been prevented by the browser.

On Friday the German government warned web users not to use Internet Explorer if they wanted to protect their security.

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