Distie spearheads audio firm?s drive into consumer gaming

Realtime lands Sennheiser deal

Realtime Distribution has signed an exclusive UK deal to distribute Sennheiser’s gaming headsets – part of the audio vendor’s push into the consumer gaming market.

Sennheiser, which is well known in the professional audio industry, is now a leading brand in the world of pro-gaming. Its headsets have also been used in the broadcast and aviation industries.

“Brands that are high-profile in professional circles aren’t always as well-known in all areas at consumer level, despite being at the cutting edge of their respective technologies,” said Mark Andrews, product manager for Sennheiser Communications.

“By appointing Realtime Distribution as the sole UK distributor of our gaming headsets and headphones, we believe that Sennheiser will soon be as familiar a name to gamers as it is to musicians and audio professionals. We very much look forward to working with Realtime, in what we are sure will be a long and highly beneficial relationship for both companies.”

Hannah Horne, Realtime’s product manager, added: “Sennheiser gaming headsets complement Realtime’s existing product portfolio. The quality of their gaming range makes them the ideal audio choice for hardcore gamers. This exclusive partnership enforces Realtime’s position as the leading distributor for enthusiast gaming PC components and peripherals.

“What Realtime aims to do is bring Sennheiser much more into the British consumer gaming market, taking its excellent brand values and existing use at the professional level of e-sports to mass-market online gamers who want to use the technology, but may not necessarily be aware of Sennheiser as a brand.”

The vendor’s gaming headsets aim to give users more accurate sound positioning and are designed specifically for lengthy gaming sessions –made from lighter materials but with more padding than Sennheiser’s other devices.

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