Complaints mount from owners of new smartphone

Google faces customer service headache over Nexus One

Last week, Google was hailed for smashing the US carrier monopoly on handset distribution with its Nexus One. Now it’s facing the hangover.

PC World reports that Nexus One early adopters are swamping Google support forums, complaining about the customer service.

Specifically, they’re claiming that Google is only answering questions via email, rather than on the phone.

What’s more, it seems Google’s US operator partner, T-Mobile, is referring queries to Google or manufacturer HTC, but HTC is referring them right back to T-Mobile.

Among the complaints are concerns about the device’s 3G reception, while others are trying to track their orders placed online.

Operators could be forgiven for cracking a wry smile at the news, which may remind some of the more eager US tech bloggers that they had their uses in the past after all.

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