New product utilises revolutionary remote charging technology

CES 2010: Powermat offers wireless charging

Powermat used CES 2010 to showcase its wireless charging product called – funnily enough – the Powermat.

The device uses wireless power transfer technology to charge any device that is laid on top of the mat, including phones, games devices, games controllers and music players among others.

The system combines an ultra-thin mat, which contains the magnetic induction array that transfers power, and a receiver that attaches to each device. Customer receivers are available for the iPhone, iPod, Nintendo DS and Blackberry devices, while other devices can be charged with the standard Powercube receiver.

“Powermat has officially eliminated ‘cord fatigue’ for personal device users with a faster, easy-to-use, stylish and convenient system, de-cluttering your home or office," explains Powermat’s president, Ron Ferber.

"Our mat is like a refrigerator… you plug in one fridge to store many food items. You plug in one mat to power many devices.”

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