Boss of monolithic chip firm celebrates wireless, 3D, and new processor tech for driving new age of computing

CES 2010: Intel CEO says ‘computing is everywhere’

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini laid out his vision of the future in his keynote speech today at CES, claiming that technological advances will soon mean everything electronic will be connected to the internet, and that in the modern age computing is ‘everywhere.’

He stated that today computing is no longer confined to the PC, with advancements in wireless technology, 3D imagery and specialised processors dramatically changing the face of the industry.

"Computing is no longer confined to your computer – it’s everywhere. Advances in connectivity, intuitive user interfaces, immersive content and computer chip performance have allowed computing to move into new areas. Computing moving into all manner of devices and experiences all around us improves our personal productivity and enjoyment.”

One of the key themes of the show has been 3D technology. Otellini stated that it takes "a ton of computing power" and that power microprocessors will be requied to facilitate its ascent. Simultaniously at the show Intel has launched more than 25 IntelCoreprocessors, wireless adapters and related chipsets for laptops, desktop PCs and embedded devices.

The CEO also spoke of how far wireless connectivity and mobile processing had come, and that handheld computing was now a very tangible proposition.

“Two years ago I showed a suite of futuristic, compute-intensive applications for handheld devices,” he said. “The computing was really done on a desktop PC behind the curtain because handhelds didn’t have the processing capability yet. Two years later, the future is here.”

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