Smartphones to be key revenue driver

CES 2010: Consumer electronics sales to top $165bn in US

Consumer electronics will generate over $165 billion in US shipment revenues this year, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association has told delegates at CES.

The announcement, made by the CEA’s president and CEO Gary Shapiro in his opening speech, will be good news for the industry in the US, as it represents a slight rise from generally poor sales last year.

“2009 is a year none of us wish to repeat and now we look forward to 2010. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is the bright light of innovation,” Shapiro said. “We are seeing more innovation at this show than at any show in our history. There are a record number of new exhibitors, more than 330, among the 2,500 companies showcasing the next generation of technology.”

According to the CEO, the wireless handset category is expected to have a strong year, becoming the primary revenue driver for the US tech industry. Smartphones are projected to make $17 billion in shipment revenue – representing over 52 million unit sales and more than 30 per cent of total wireless phone shipments.

Sales of computers are expected to be driven by netbooks, sales of which more than doubled in 2009. More than 30 million notebooks will be sold in the US alone this year, generating over $14 billion in revenue.

Unit sales of Blu-ray players are projected to top 11.5 million, while television unit sales will climb to more than 37 million. According to the CEA, innovation in TV displays such as 3D, internet connectivity and OLED technology will help maintain revenue, with over four million 3D television sets expected to be sold in 2010.

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