Collaboration between retail giant and PC vendors creates devices with shopper-requested specifications

CES 2010: Best Buy launches PCs in joint venture

Technology retailer Best Buy has teamed up with Dell, Toshiba and Sony to jointly launched a line of new PCs at CES under the ‘Blue Label 2.0’ brand.

The new PCs are the product of the retailer’s ‘You Spoke, We Listened’ campaign, which canvassed shoppers as to the specifications and functions they would like to have in a new computer.

Sony, Dell and Toshiba then built the PCs to spec, to be sold exclusively through Best Buy.

One of the key requested features the devices come loaded with is the ability to wirelessly stream video and pictures directly to flat panel televisions. They also include Intel i5 processors with turbo boost technology, 4GB memory and a 500GB hard drives.

“Our customers are expressing a real desire for connectivity because they’re more reliant than ever on their computers, and they want to be able to easily move content from these machines to other hardware in their homes,” said Jason Bonfig, vice president of computers at Best Buy. “With Blue Label 2.0, now they can wirelessly send personal content like digital images or HULU and Netflix shows from their laptops directly to their TVs – in up to 720p resolution.”

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