Vendor claims new unified super-division will better serve converged market

Dell: ?The world?s the limit?

PC giant Dell is launching a combined assault on the mobile, consumer and small business markets with its new organisational structure, which it says will have a positive impact on the UK channel and allow it to better serve these increasingly converged technology sectors.

Last month the firm announced a merger between its consumer and small business computer divisions to reflect what it sees as growing synergy between these two markets.

Such a union has been attempted before, but the firm told PCR its ‘skyrocketing’ indirect business and larger than ever product range will ensure the success of the new super-division –headed by current small business computer unit president Steve Felice.

And Dell has said “the world’s the limit” for its new ‘communications solutions unit’, focusing on the mobile and networking segment, which will bring it into closer competition with companies like Apple, Nokia and RIM.

The division will be headed by Ron Garriques, former head of Dell’s consumer business and one-time president of the mobile devices business at Motorola.

On the subject of the unification between the consumer division and the small business computer unit, Sarah Shields, EU general manager for Dell consumer, told PCR: “It’s a little bit more exciting than just a merger between the units. When we think about the convergence between the home and small business market, it’s happening more and more. That convergence is actually a reality.

"It makes sense that as an organisation, we’re able to work together. It has been tried in the past, but it hasn’t worked. However, there’s never been such a comprehensive solution before.

“If you look at our business, it’s very different compared to how it’s ever been. Our indirect business from a consumer perspective has skyrocketed. We’ve got excellent market share in the UK, we’ve got a great relationship with the big retailers, we’re bringing industry- leading technology out, and we’re a completely different company to the one I joined two years ago.”

Regarding the new communications solutions unit, Shields added: “It’s not just a mobile phone division, it’s about enabling customers to connect anytime, anywhere. It includes telecommunications, cables, satellites –it’s a lot more than Dell just offering an iPhone-type product. Ron comes from Motorola, so he’s got a wealth of experience in that area.

"If you look at the products and what we’ll be doing in terms of solutions, it’s exciting. I’m really confident about it. The world’s the limit. This gives us a competitive advantage, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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