Darren Farnden takes exception to ?greedy ISP? label

Entanet bites back at Bono

Entanet?s head of marketing Darren Farnden has penned a furious response to an article written by U2 frontman Bono on the complicity of ISPs in illegal file sharing.

Farnden appears to have taken exception to a part of the article where the singer alleges that the people who benefit from such peer-to-peer activities are the ?rich service providers, whose swollen profits perfectly mirror the lost receipts of the music business.?

In an article entitled ?Bono ? stick to singing?, Farnden contests the assertion that ISPs profit from the losses of the music industry: ?Those of us within this supposedly swollen, profit rich Internet industry are more than aware of the reality. Consumer demand for the cheapest, fastest broadband continues to increase resulting in even lower profit margins for us ?greedy? ISPs.?

He goes on to say that articles written from an ill-informed viewpoint highlight the general ignorance towards digital distribution displayed by the music industry.

?Bono is simply demonstrating once again that these industries (namely music and news) do not understand the new distribution models that the Internet has provided,? stated Farnden. ?Rather than attempt to adapt and embrace the new opportunities like many of his ambitious rivals have, he instead wants someone to blame, and that I am afraid is once again, the ISPs.?

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