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Distributor CCI says Blu-ray device sales increased by 50%

2009 was ‘Year of the Blu-ray’

2009 has been named “the year of the Blu-ray” by distributor CCI, which said sales of the optical technology increased by 50 per cent compared to the previous year.

According to CCI, Blu-ray external drives and media have provided a lucrative source of revenue for retailers and system builders during the economic downturn. By contrast, the distributor said it had been a “mixed year” for internal and external hard drive sales.

“While hard drive capacity has increased, it’s clear that customers are watching their wallets, choosing to invest in cheaper optical storage products or to make a future-proof investment in Blu-ray,” said Nick Preston, sales director at CCI, adding that forecasts predicted an increase in hard drive sales in 2010.

The Harrogate-based distributor also found that consumer peripherals sales grew considerably over the past twelve months.

“The peripherals sales growth is as an indication of how much the typical consumer lifestyle is changing, with digital photos replacing traditional prints and iPod docking stations replacing home stereo systems. Again, this trend will almost certainly continue into 2010 and beyond,” Preston said.

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