Retail giant unveils pricing details but users will have to pay for handset

Tesco reveals iPhone tariffs

Tesco has disclosed the pricing structure for the iPhone after it was revealed that the retail giant would be stocking the best selling smart phone.

According to the BBC, the devices will be offered on Tesco Mobile and the lowest tariff will be £20 per month – although customers will have to pay £222 for the basic 3G eight gigabyte handset. The cost of the handset will be added to the customer’s bill in instalments, meaning that the true monthly tariff is £38.50

The entry-level bundle includes £60 credit per month and includes unlimited wi-fi and web access.

Although Tesco acknowledges that its averaged tariff is higher than O2 or Orange, it says that the advantage is that it offers the shortest contracts, which means that customers can upgrade their handsets much sooner.

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