Essex firm buys Northampton based software distribution operation, saving 40 jobs

Gem snaps up Trilogy

Essex distributor Gem has purchased Trilogy’s IP and assets following the Northampton firm’s fall into administration – saving 40 jobs in the process.

Trilogy predominantly deals in video games, but also distributes some utility software.

As part of the deal, Gem picked up the firm’s brands – including Trilogy Logistics and indie label Trilogyi – as well as its main office and distribution facility in Northampton.

Gem MD Chris Peacock told MCV: "We’re delighted with the deal. We’ve always had great respect for Trilogy’s business and we’re very happy they’re now part of Gem.

"We plan to keep the Trilogy brand going as a subsidiary – and we’re particularly pleased to acquire its distribution facility in Northampton.

"We’ve been looking to purchase a faility in the south for some time – to complement our existing base in Lancashire – and this is the perfect solution."

Trilogy held exclusive distribution agreements with the likes of 505 Games and City Interactive before it collapsed. Ubisoft withdrew from its exclusive agreement with the firm shortly before it fell into administration.

Peacock said that Gem was hopeful of rekindling these deals in future.

"Sadly, we can’t buy these exclusive deals as part of the assets," he added. "But we’ll continue to work with Trilogy’s former excluive partners until Christmas – and then sit down with them and see what we can work out."

Popular Trilogy boss Matthew Allen has been handed a management role by Gem as part of the deal.

He commented, “It is no secret that the entertainment industry has seen a significant demise. This significantly affected our businesses and lead to financial issues, meaning we were unable to trade and had to appoint an administrator.

“Having a new parent such as Gem gives us financial stability and being part of a bigger organisation will allow us to continue to grow inline with our strategic goals. There are many synergies between the two businesses and over the coming months we can start to leverage each others assets to offer a combined solution for the entertainment market.”

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