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Clone computer maker agrees to pay damages but may not have to stop selling Mac OS machines

Psystar to pay Apple $2.7m in partial settlement

Apple has partially settled a lawsuit with Psystar – a maker of clone computers that come with the Mac operating system.

According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Psystar has agreed to pay Apple around $2.7 million in damages and legal fees, in return for the consumer electronics giant dropping all of its trademark, trade dress and state law claims.

The agreement follows a year and a half of legal wrangling after Apple filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Florida-based company in July 2008, four months after it began selling machines with Apple’s operating system. Psystar has since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

US District Judge William Alsup decided on many of the case’s key issues last month. "Psystar’s use of Mac OS X has been in excess and has violated Apple’s copyrights," Alsup reportedly wrote in his decision.

It is yet to be determined whether a judge should block Psystar from selling machines with Apple’s operating system pre-installed on them.

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