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Cigarette smoke allegedly deemed a ?bio-hazard? by the Mac maker

Apple warranties for non-smokers only?

Apple has allegedly refused to repair a Macbook and iMac due to both devices containing second-hand smoke.

Though not confirmed by Apple, news blog The Consumerist has published two emails suggesting this is the case.

The publication claimed to have been copied in on the following email sent to Apple by one of its customers:

“I took my mid 2007 apple Macbook (black) into the Jordan Creek Apple Store in West Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, April 25th, because I had been experiencing some issues with it overheating, and figured the fan was bad. After some initial testing, they took the computer in for work under my Applecare [cover] plan, which has over a year remaining on it.

“Today, April, 28, 2008, the Apple store called and informed me that due to the computer having been used in a house where there was smoking, that has voided the warranty and they refuse to work on the machine, due to "health risks of second hand smoke".

“Not only is this faulty science, attributing non smoking residue to second hand smoke, on Chad’s part, no where in your applecare terms of service can I find anything mentioning being used in a smoking environment as voiding the warranty.”

The full story adds a separate email sent by another reported Apple customer, by the name of Ruth, who claims that Apple deemed her iMac was “contaminated” through cigarette smoke.

“When I asked for an explanation, she said he’s a smoker and it’s contaminated with cigarette smoke which they consider a bio-hazard,” read the email.

“Dena [from Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ office] did advise me that nicotine is on OSHA’s list of hazardous substances and Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health.”

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