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Analytics group InSites Consulting studies 50,000 tweets

Brands ‘need to be more human’ on Twitter

Google, Apple and Amazon are the most discussed brands on Twitter, but they need to be “more human” when using the social networking service, research has found.

Analytics group InSites Consulting, in its ‘Ultimate Twitter Study’ report suggests that many companies need to speak as people in order to better allure customers.

“Brands on Twitter should observe tweets very carefully and talk back to brand followers in a very personal way instead of merely spamming followers with advertisements,” read the report.

Tom De Ruyck, senior research consultant at InSites Consulting described Twitter as a conversation hive.

“It is very valuable for brands to tap into it and learn from what consumers are saying about them,” he said.

“People often send tweets in the heat of the moment: when they experience something positive or negative with a product. This immediacy is never seen before.

"Although this might sound like a threat for marketers because negative comments about their brands are ‘in the open’, it is at the same time an opportunity for client services teams to take immediate actions and make customers happy again. This company responsiveness will certainly spread the word on Twitter too.”

The study went on to generalise the typical Twitter user as a male in his late twenties/early thirties, who is “tech savvy and professionally active in IT, media/advertising or the consulting business”.

InSites Consulting studied a total of 620 active Twitter users as part of its research. The group read through over 50,000 tweets as part of its research.

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