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Many UK broadband dongles are incompatible with Apple?s OS

Mac OSX rejects mobile broadband

A high proportion of mobile broadband dongles being sold in the UK are not optimised to run with Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system.

According to Electric Pig, the failure of hardware manufacturers to update their software has left many Mac users unable to connect to the internet.

The issue lies with Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which supplies the majority of dongles used in this country, and neglected to update its software support. Issues have been reported with 3’s Huawei E169G dongle, T-Mobile’s Web n’ Walk Stick III and O2’s Huawei E160.

Only Orange and Vodafone have managed to successfully tackle the issue. Orange developed its own connection manager that handles any incompatibilities and includes features that allow users to manage and monitor their usage, while Vodafone has provided a downloadable fix that can be downloaded from this link.

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