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Company ends closed-beta phase, declaring the new engine as ?ready?

New Google search engine imminent

Google is fast approaching the release of its new search engine.

The firm first revealed its new search engine – codenamed Caffeine – back in September. At the time, Google invited numerous web developers to take a look at the speedier engine and offer feedback.

Now Google has posted an announcement stating that the service is “ready for a larger audience.”

The company said it would soon activate Caffeine more widely, starting with one data centre and expanding outwards.

Previously Google pledged that Caffeine will be the “first step in improving the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of search results".

Though the front-end of the engine will look no different to the one online today, the tech driving it will speed up indexing search results and create a larger index.

One clear outcome of this will be the reduction in time it takes for the search engine to find new content freshly-published on the web.

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