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FEATURE: Rising prices stimulates low end and component sales

Entry level laptop market grows

A sustained increase in the cost of laptop manufacture has seen retail prices for these devices steadily rise over recent months, which has in turn spurred growing interest in entry level machines.

As vendors see manufacturing costs rise, many of them are stripping entry level devices down to the bare bones in order to provide a lower price point. However, this can have a positive effect for retailers, who can take the opportunity to offer upgrades and add-on sales.

“Manufacturers are building machines with minimal memory and thus limiting their liability in build cost,” commented M2M Direct’s sales and marketing manager Hitesh Kothary. “Subsequently, resellers are able to sell memory modules as an add-on product and service which allows for more bespoke solutions for the customer and also builds customer loyalty from a customer service point of view for the value add reseller.”

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