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Global shipment market mushrooms 23 per cent as goods pour into China

Global processor market at record high

The global microprocessor sector market continues to gain pace, according to new research, with shipments reaching record levels.

Analyst group IDC states that the microprocessor market saw a shipment expansion of 23 per cent between the second and third fiscal quarters.

“That is approximately double the normal growth in unit shipments for the same period,” read the IDC report.

Increased demand had led to higher revenues, though not to the same extent. Revenues for the PC processor market 14 per cent rose from Q2 to Q3, resulting in a quarterly turnover of $7.4 billion.

And it’s mobile PC processors that are driving the growth, according to IDC, with those processors seeing a 35.7 per cent rise for Q3.

However, despite the encouraging gains, IDC remains weary of 2010.

IDC research director Shane Rau said the group were still looking for a “gotcha”, despite it not occurring in Q3 as predicted.

Said Rau: “The market’s growth has been due to shipments of inexpensive Atom processors being sold into markets like China, which is being stimulated by government incentives there.

“The Chinese market can be very opaque—there are lots of places where inventories can hide. We have to be on the lookout for when China decides it can’t consume more processors. Meanwhile, the U.S. market is still hamstrung by housing foreclosures and rising job losses."

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