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Recent financial results suggest that vendors can benefit from focusing on consumers during recession

Consumer sales offer boost to the industry as business segment stalls

A SLEW of financial reports and industry announcements has highlighted the strength of the consumer segment during the recession, while the corporate market has suffered somewhat.

Many of the Q2 2009 results have shown that technology vendors with a keen consumer focus have performed strongly. Meanwhile, a number of key firms that target the business market are now launching aggressive consumer pushes of their own.

Apple, a company that positions itself squarely in the high-end of the consumer segment, saw its profits boosted massively by the success of the iPhone, with revenues from the device and its accessories increasing 185 per cent year-on-year to $2.3 billion. In addition to this, sales of Mac computers increased 17 per cent to 3.05 million shipments.

Acer, a business which is 70 per cent consumer-based, has said it can become the biggest PC vendor by 2012 after a series of high-end consumer product launches.

And those firms that are more reliant on the business sector are levelling heavy investment in the consumer sector too – Microsoft with new Windows Mobile and Bing launches, Dell by expanding its retail footprint across EMEA, and Lenovo by targeting the low-end consumer segment for the first time.

Recent projections from Gartner state that the business sector will fall by 6.9 per cent this year.

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