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Vendor predicts boom among university students and 'mobile professionals'

Smartpens ‘to dominate’ academia in five years

In five years, every student and professional in the UK will have access to a smartpen, vendor Livescribe has said.

The company, which is looking to establish the device as a whole new product category, launched its Pulse pen in Britain in August.

Livescribe’s senior director of marketing, Eric Petitt, said that university students were the key audience for the product, along with workers in “mobile professions” such as journalists, lawyers and legal aides, salespersons, consultants and educators.

“As the category evolves, our vision is that in five years every student, professional, journalist and teacher will have access to a smartpen,” Petitt said. “Why use a ‘dumb’ pen when you can have a smartpen to help you better capture, access and share important information in your day?”

To read our full interview with Eric Petitt and Livescribe’s UK GM, Simon Lee, click here.

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