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Mobile analyst group warns that net operators are not yet ready for the spike

2500% surge in mobile net traffic expected

Mobile data traffic accessed via mobile phones is set to skyrocket 2500 per cent by 2012, experts warn.

Mobile analyst firm Informa says that the huge increase in people accessing the internet via mobile phones could cause sizable capacity and logistic problems for network providers.

According to a BBC report, Informa warned that a “traffic jam” is imminent unless network providers adapt to the expected increase in mobile net use.

Meanwhile, Informa warned that the jump in traffic will not be proportionate to the jump in company revenues,

"Where operators are experiencing exploding data traffic, revenues are not following them," the group said. "Revenues from data are increasing much slower than traffic."

An Informa analyst added that the next-generation mobile networks currently do not have the hardware that can handle high data rates, but many are expected to by late 2010.

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