New series of ads accuse Microsoft of ?broken promises?

Apple attacks Windows 7

Apple has released the latest instalments to its Mac vs PC advertising campaign, this time targeting those consumers who might be considering an upgrade to Windows 7.

One of the ads, which can be seen below, is entitled ‘Broken Promises’ and implies that each successive release of Windows has been an attempt to rectify problems with the previous version.

In a slightly shrewder move, another ad targets consumers who are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7.

Unlike users of Windows 7 Professional, home users do not have access to XP mode, which allows XP compatible files and software to be run through Windows 7. The ad states that, if they’re going to have to manually backup all their data and transfer it, XP users might as well buy a Mac.

The ads can be viewed below or at Apple’s US website.

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