Xboxes, Zune HDs, Laptops, desktops and operating systems all under the same roof

Grand opening for first Microsoft store

Microsoft has opened its very first dedicated retail store in Arizona; the first in what is expected to be a string of retail outlets focused specifically on Microsoft products.

The next Microsoft Store to open its doors will be based in California, and will have a grand opening on October 29, a single week after the Arizona store first lifted its shutters.

As expected, a full range of Microsoft goods will be available in the stores, from the new Windows 7 OS to Laptops, desktops, Zune HDs and Xbox 360s.

“Our customers have told us they want choice, better value and great service when shopping for technology, and that is what we will deliver through our Microsoft stores,” said David Porter, corporate vice president of Microsoft Retail.

“We want to showcase what’s possible with the full Microsoft brand.”

Microsoft’s press site has placed much detail on the layout of the Arizona shop.

“Laptops on large cedar tables are front and center, with seating so shoppers can sit and tinker. The walls are lined with giant LCD screens that envelop the space with landscapes and product images designed to create interest and spark curiosity,” read the Microsoft feature.

“Below the images, stylish all-in-one PCs are set up with Zunes, Xboxes, headphones and widescreen displays, showing how all the items work together to create a multimedia experience.

“Toward the back are laptop bags and an array of software titles before you turn the corner and reach a veritable Mecca for Xbox enthusiasts — a gaming zone featuring a 94-inch widescreen, with immersive sound, seating and an array of controllers to play with.”

Arizona’s tore manager Cheryl Hibbard said that every detail of the Scottsdale space has been designed for interaction.

“Our employees will be able to showcase our products in a way that’s never been done before. Our job in the retail stores is to provide a welcoming environment where everyone can learn more about our products and how to use them to benefit their life.”

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