Microsoft says it has learned lessons from Vista launch

Channel anticipates Windows 7 launch

Distributors and vendors alike are looking forward to a sales spike across the UK industry, following the launch of Windows 7 on October 22nd.

With a UK retail base suffering from the recession, key companies in the trade believe hardware and software sales will get a shot in the arm as a result of the new operating system’s launch.

“We hope to see a strong sales surge for Windows 7. Off the back of this, I would also expect component sales to see a boost as consumers look to purchase new hardware to accompany their new Windows 7 operating system,” said Mark Lynch, product manager at VIP.

Neil Handa, head of marketing at Gem, added: “The launch of Windows 7 is expected to enhance sales of third party software and peripherals across the channel. We are planning for sustainable sales well into its launch.”

Vendors such as HP and AMD also commented on the boost Windows could offer to the business, claiming the collaboration between Microsoft and hardware manufacturers on the project will ensure the operating system’s a technical and commercial success.

Microsoft itself has maintained throughout the run up to launch that it has learned the lessons of Vista – which was unpopular with some end-users.

“First and foremost, before we even started working on Windows 7, we took a good look at how we launched the previous operating system, and tried to take some learning from that,” said director of consumer product management for Windows, Parri Munsell. “We have been working very closely with our partners to make sure we have a very successful launch of Windows 7.”

Follow this link for an in depth analysis of Windows 7’s unique selling points and more industry opinions on the new operating system.

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