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Three-quarters of youths say they cannot live without the web

Half of teens ?happiest when online?

Around 45 per cent of young people have said they are at their happiest when they’re online, a new study has found.

Three-quarters of youths, meanwhile, say they cannot live without the internet, while a third use online sites as a primary source for information “as there is no need to speak to a real person about my problems”.

The Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University used survey material from 994 young people aged 16 to 24 to gather its findings.

The report puts the spotlight on the how the digital age has impacted on the evolving social and work habits of young people.

“This research illustrates the vital role the internet plays in the lives of young people,” said Tanya Byron, government advisor on children and technology.

“The ease of access to opinion, support and advice is of course appealing to a generation who have grown up with immediacy, but it’s essential the adults and organisations that provide support to this age group recognise this, and offer services that are easily accessible through the internet."

Additional information on the report can be found here.

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