Lawsuit-embroiled vendor plans to sell virtualisation software to third parties

Psystar to sell Mac cloning tech

Mac clone maker Psystar has revealed that it plans to sell its controversial Mac OS virtualisation software to third parties.

According to Information Week, the company will sell its cloning technology, including a system called the Darwin Universal Boot Loader, to PC builders, who Psystar will then endorse as official partners.

The latest version of the software includes support that will allow PCs to run Apple’s new Snow Leopard operating system.

“In an effort to spread the Snow Leopard experience to an ever expanding number of people, the licensing initiative will allow manufacturers to have their hardware Psystar certified and have their computers pre-loaded with our unique technology,” commented Psystar in a statement.

Psystar is currently being sued by Apple for copyright violation and filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year.

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