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Australian chain's branding is thought to be too similar

Apple challenges supermarket over logo

Apple has lodged a complaint against Australian supermarket chain Woolworths over its logo, which Apple says is too similar to its own.

A Woolworths spokeswoman told AFP that Apple had objected but had not made a case. She added that the supermarket’s swirly green logo was intended to represent a ‘W’.

"We absolutely say it is a stylised ‘W’ that can be any kind of fresh produce. Some people say it looks like a lettuce, some people say it can be a pumpkin," the spokeswoman said.

Apple filed its complaint with IP Australia, the governmental intellectual property agency.

Apple is reportedly concerned that Woolworths’s trademark application would allow it to use the logo on all its products, including electrical goods such as music players and computers.

The Woolworths logo was launched in August last year and is still being rolled out nationwide.

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