PC edition of Spotify now offers offline mode, storing up to 3,333 songs

Spotify luring paid subscribers with new feature

In a new effort to turn free users into paying subscribers, Spotify has added a new feature to its music streaming service – exclusively available to premium account holders.

The PC version of Spotify now features an offline mode where users can store as many as 3,333 tracks at a time without needing an internet connection.

The feature has proved popular, being central to the success of the iPhone Spotify App. How it will be received on PC apps remains to be seen.

“Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to select their playlists and set them to be ‘Available offline’,” the company said.

“Those playlists will then be synced to your computer so you can continue to listen to your favorite tunes if you have a slow connection or even if you have no connection at all. Each computer will be able to store up to 3,333 tracks at a time.”

The company has recently gone cold on offering free Spotify accounts, now offering access by invite only.

A premium Spotify account, where users can stream music from an extensive library, costs £9.99 per month.

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