Cease and desist order now in the DM box of bogus Twitter account

Fake Tweeters in legal clampdown

Britain’s High Court has sent an injunction to an unidentified Twitter user after ruling he is guilty of impersonation.

The move sets a new legal precedent for counterfeit Twitter accounts, signifying that legal action can be successfully taken against those who mimic others on the social networking site.

In this instance, it was the right-wing blogger Donal Blaney who took his complaint to court. He claimed that the Twitter account ‘blaneysblarney’ was impersonating him and Tweeting messages that damaged his reputation.

That phoney Twitter account now has a brusque court ruling sitting in its inbox, ordering to cease and desist using the account.

Blaneysblarney, a semi-regular Twitter user, has not updated the account since Wednesday Sep 30, at the time of going to press.

The account’s last two Tweets follow:

“Prime Mentalists speech was awful. The sun is back onside [sic]. We may be about to get the first Conservative Government since 1990…”

“Or maybe not with all this progressive conservative rubbish being talked.”

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