Chipmaker investing tech and cash in TransGaming

Intel ups gaming enterprise

Intel is looking to strengthen its links with the games sector in a new financing initiative.

The chipmaker’s funding arm, Intel Capital, is investing $500,000 in Canadian group TransGaming to develop a rival to cloud-gaming service OnLive.

Like the OnLive group, TransGaming is building a device that will play on-demand PC games on HD television sets.

The difference, however, is that TransGaming’s device will perform game rendering client-side, using Intel’s CE Media Processors.

The TV-based games-on-demand service, known as, is earmarked for release in Q2 2010. Intel’s investment will be used to accelerate its development.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Intel on this important and exciting initiative,” said TransGaming CEO Vikas Gupta.

"We are driving new monetization models for content developers, OEMs, and operators around the world."

TransGaming, headquartered in Toronto, has built its business on tech that can port code between native and external game platforms.

The firm’s Cider engine was recently licensed by EA to port a number of PC games to Mac.

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