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Nearly half of all businesses keep cold on web 2.0 solutions, survey finds

EU firms ‘fear Facebook’, study suggests

A large proportion of European white-collar companies are resisting the use of web 2.0 technologies in the workplace, a new study suggests.

47 per cent of European business executives surveyed by analyst group EIU admit to prohibiting their staff from using new modern tech services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and MSN Messenger.

EIU believes that pressure will mount on these companies to liberate the use of web 2.0 applications as a new generation of employees enter the workplace.

The analyst group was of the opinion that applications such as Twitter can aid businesses if managed correctly.

"The best business innovations tend to originate at the grassroots level, and employees should be encouraged to use their technology know-how to generate them," said Denis McCauley, EIU’s director of global technology research.

There are, however, overriding fears that applications such as Facebook will preoccupy staff, the report added.

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