Departmental computers stolen from internet and telecoms office

Thieves hit Government digital inclusion office

Thieves have struck at the Government’s Digital Inclusion office and stolen an undisclosed number of PCs from the department.

According to the Telegraph, the news was first broken after the department head Martha Lane Fox made a Twitter update that read: “O bloody hell the digital inclusion office has been broken into and all computers taken.”

The digital inclusion office works to ensure that people have access to web resources, especially since a growing number of internet services can be accessed through the internet.

Although the Twitter entries have since been removed, the Department of Business, Innovation and Trade has stated that the computers were secure and that the data contained within them could not be compromised.

“I think there is a sort of dark humour to it,” Lane said later on her Twitter page. “Hope it wasn’t someone wanting to sabotage our plans for world web domination.”

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