Grocery giant to use Microsoft tech in new movie download store

Tesco and Microsoft in digital film deal

Tesco has struck a deal with Microsoft that will enable the grocery giant to sell ‘digital DVDs’ through its revamped online store.

In a new bid to tap into the lucrative digital market, the Tesco Digital website will soon be stocking both physical and download versions of the same movies.

The download service, built on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, is said to deliver “a similar level of quality as consumers have come to expect from DVD and Blu-ray”.

Tesco claims the digital movies will offer a viewing experience that “goes beyond other digital playback products in the marketplace”.

Customers can expect exclusive bonus content with their downloads; clearly a move from the grocer to shift consumer preference to digital product.

Tesco wants to go further with its digital features, however, and will utilise the pulling power of social networking by offering “movie viewing parties”, enabled with online chat.

"Tesco is excited to be the first retailer to partner with a broad range of major movie studios to offer this next-generation movie experience," said Rob Salter, category director for Entertainment at Tesco.

"This is just the beginning. In the future we expect to offer our customers innovative digital solutions that far exceed the DVD experience and deliver exclusive content, Web events and services wherever and whenever they want them," he added.

The new service will launch this autumn.

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