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Device rumoured to be priced around ?100

Asus announces budget e-book reader

Asus is planning to launch a low cost e-book reader to compete with the likes of Sony and Amazon.

Asus president Jerry Shen told The Times that the company’s reader – or readers – will be unveiled by the end of the year, and will be more versatile than market-leading products.

The company is reportedly looking at a budget and premium version of the device, with both models expected to have a full-colour touchscreen and hinged spine – making them more similar to a printed book than the Amazon Kindle or Sony’s Reader range.

The user will apparently have the option of seeing the book on one screen while using the other as a virtual keyboard or for browsing the web. According to The Times, Asus said the device may includer “speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype”.

The company is thought to be aiming for a price tag of around £100, almost £90 less than the cheapest e-book reader on the market, the Cool-er.

Last month, Sony unveiled the newest product in its Reader range, the Daily Edition, which will be available in the US from December for around $399.

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