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Memory group promises news, features, videos and guides

Kingston launches new ?edutainment? website

PC memory group Kingston is aiming to expand its presence in the net consumer market with a brand new European website.

The firm says its new consumer-focused website site is “both informative and entertaining, and aims at demystifying technology for consumers so that they can get more from their memory”.

News, features, video tutorials and competitions will be peppered across the website, which of course has made its ties with Facebook and Twitter.

“This website is all about consumers,” says Kingston’s EU marketing manager Kirsty Miller. “We felt it was time to create a portal that talks about memory and technology in a simple and straightforward way.”

“We know what it’s like to want an answer to something fast, she added. “So having a place to go where you can find a solution on anything related to memory technology is great.

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