Pictures will move in an upcoming issue of US magazine Entertainment Weekly

Future shock: Video in paper magazines

The world’s first video advertisement will soon appear in a paper magazine.

This September, a new issue of US business magazine Entertainment Weekly will have miniature LCD screens embedded in its pages.

The wafer-thin screens will use rechargeable batteries and are expected to be the size of mobile phone screens. The screens will begin rolling through advertisements as the page is opened, perhaps through a rudimentary light-sensor.

It’s believed, and indeed self-explanatory, that screen-embedded pages will cost more to manufacture than traditional print.

The cost of the video-ads have not been disclosed by Entertainment Weekly, yet it’s suggested that advertisers will pay a significant premium on putting their product on the screens.

Broadcaster CBS has announced it will be plugging its TV shows on the slim screens.

"As a rule, 90 per cent of people will say they heard about new programming on television," said George Schweitzer, president of CBS’s marketing group. "This is the first way we can get video samples into the hands of entertainment enthusiasts off the television screen."

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