Network operator orange claims PC stores should be making more out of phone sales

Telecoms ‘natural progression’ for IT resellers

Orange has called on PC retailers and resellers to move into the telecoms market, describing it as "a natural progression".

Speaking to PCR, the network operator’s business manager for Indirect Channels, Mark Simm said that while resellers moving into the mobile sector would not find it easy, it was the logical outcome of the convergence between the two channels.

"It’s a natural progression for the PC retailer to move into mobility and mobile phones from working on the mobile broadband propositions," he said. "If a PC retailer has the will and desire to move into the mobile phone market then the opportunity to sell a full mobile package to a customer is a very achievable objective."

To read the full interview with Orange business manager for Indirect Channels, Mark Simm, click here.

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