Marc Andreessen backs start-up RockMelt

Netscape founder invests in new browser

Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen is backing a new internet browser called RockMelt, created by two of his former executives.

According to the New York Times, Andreessen’s Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, is providing the start-up company with financing.

RockMelt was founded by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes, who both served as executives at Opsware, a company Andreessen co-founded and later sold to Hewlett-Packard for around $1.6bn. Howes also worked at Netscape with Andreessen.

A privacy policy on RockMelt’s website, which has now been removed, reportedly suggested that the browser is intended to be coupled with Facebook in some way.

A spokesperson for Facebook, where Andreessen currently serves as a director, told the NYT that the social networking site is not currently working with RockMelt.

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