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PC email client to replace Entourage in next update of Office for OSX

Mac to get Outlook

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Office for Mac will come with Outlook for the first time.

Outlook for Mac will replace current email client Entourage. Microsoft has said that it will continue to support Entourage as a free online version, with a number of improvements to its performance and reliability.

"It is an exciting time for the Mac Business Unit with updates to our current products and the first public announcement about the next version of Office for Mac," commented general manager Eric Wilfrid.

"For several years we have focused on providing the best Microsoft Exchange client for the Mac, and the Web Services Edition delivers that today for Entourage users.

He stressed that the change from Entourage to Outlook was not simply a change of name. "Outlook for Mac will bring features our customers have long requested – such as Information Rights Management – that make working across platforms even easier."

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