Vendor claims devices have moved purchasing decisions away from specs to other features

Asus: ‘Netbooks have revolutionised retail’

Netbooks have helped to remove much of the techno-babble from retail that has blocked regular people from buying computers, according to Asus.

Speaking to PCR, Iain Bristow from the vendor’s technical PR and component product marketing division claimed that outside the industry, specifications had alienated many. He said that that the introduction of netbooks had helped to move the purchasing process away from specs to size and other features.

"You can go into a store now and see ten-inch, nine-inch sizes, and find one which is ideal for their individual requirements," explained Bristow.

I think the way in which we can experience and try out the products in stores now is also very important for their success."

To read the full interview with Asus’ Iain Bristow, click here.

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